Setting up accounts is optional. You may use billing codes and revenue centers only.

We recommend that you set up accounts if you want to track specific financial accounts that money is deposited in or withdrawn from. Prior to adding revenue centers and billing codes, set up your financial accounts in HeadMaster. Then, when you set up revenue centers, you can select an offset account and checking account to attach to the revenue center. You'll need an account number and description for each account.

If you interfaced HeadMaster with ACS General Ledger, you don't need to set up accounts in HeadMaster. HeadMaster will display the accounts present in General Ledger. Also, when using ACS General Ledger, you must use the General Ledger accounts on your revenue centers.

  1. On the Home screen, click Define List. The Define List dialog box displays.
  2. In the Available Fields list, expand Billing, and click Accounts.
  3. Click Add. The Accounts dialog box displays.
  4. Enter the account number and account name.
  5. If you're setting up a checking account, select the Is Checking check box.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat this process for each account you want to enter.