If you already use ACS, Olan Mills Import matches photographs with existing family records so that you can quickly and efficiently assign photographs to people records. In other words, you will not need to edit records one at a time. Huge time saver!

There are two steps for updating pictures in your ACS records:

  1. Exporting your ACS data to Olan Mills
  2. Importing the photos from Olan Mills after the photo session

First, plan and confirm your photo session with Olan Mills. Next, export your current ACS data to Olan Mills. This ensures that the photos and records will automatically match up when you import the photos into your records. Before exporting data, make sure that your current ACS records are up to date and backed up.

To export data to Olan Mills

  1. Close all other ACS programs and utilities.
  2. On your computer, click Start > Programs > ACS Technologies > ACS Tools > Olan Mills Import.
  3. Log in to Olan Mills Import with your regular ACS username and password.
  4. In the Export Options tab, select the information you want to include in the export, and enter your contact information for Olan Mills.
  5. Click Browse .
  6. In the Browse for Folder window, navigate to your current ACS records.
  7. Select the records and click OK. (The file name does not appear in the field yet.)
  8. Click Export. The file name now appears in the field.
  9. Click Upload. This sends the data to Olan Mills.

Olan Mills now has your ministry's information. After the photo session, you will receive an email from Olan Mills that includes your Olan Mills ID and a link to your photo data. After you receive this email, proceed with importing photos from Olan Mills.

Olan Mills Import
Olan Mills Import for New ACS Customers