We are pleased to announce a new feature that we know you have been waiting for: Mass Delete!

Is it time to clean up your calendars? Do you want to remove old or unwanted events, but have too many to delete individually? Using Mass Delete, you can run a query and delete multiple events directly from the query results! You can also set permissions for Mass Delete to protect against accidental or unwanted data loss.

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Mass Delete

 Facility Scheduler's mass delete is here!  

This new feature includes the following changes: 

The new Mass Delete button

Mass Delete Permissions

 You can choose which roles have permissions to conduct a mass delete. You can assign these permissions to any role from the Administration tab.

Setting Mass Delete permissions

The delete log feature released in Facility Scheduler's July update is fully compatible with mass delete. You can use the log to view details about which events were deleted and when the delete was processed.

For more information, please see the Mass Delete documentation


An event's start and end times can't be the same, even if the event starts and ends on a different day.Resolved
When adding or editing events, event detail information does not always display correctly in the Windows medium 125% display setting.Resolved