One of the most important elements of your Web site is its design. For many of your Web site visitors, your site design is the first impression they have of your organization. It can influence visitors to browse your Web site and learn more about your organization, or it can cause them to navigate away from your site before discovering anything about your organization. Because of the effect of your site design, it is important that you select a site design that properly reflects your organizations.

Extend provides you with several options for your site design. When setting up your site design, you can select from the following design options:

Extend offers several predefined site designs. With some predefined site designs, you can customize the design by adding your organization name, your organization logo, and an additional phrase.

If you want to use a custom header image, you should select an Active site design. Active site designs provide the main layout and structure of your site while letting you add a custom header image.

By default, all channels and subchannels inherit the primary site design. If you want a channel to have a different look and feel, you can change the channel design.

If you do not want to use any of the site designs available in Extend, the ACS Technologies Web Services team can create a custom design for your Web site. To find out more about custom site designs, contact your sales representative or e-mail