You can rename a field by changing its description in Define Lists. After you rename a field, the new name displays throughout the software and on any reports you may print or export.

Why rename a field?

You can rename a field to something that's more understandable for you, or to a name that better reflects the data you're tracking. When you rename a field, it's renamed for everyone in your church or organization who uses ACS, so be sure other users understand the change and how you're using it to track data.

For example, you might need to change membership definitions (member statuses) in ACS to meet reporting requirements for your district office or denomination, and you can do this by renaming the field. 

  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People, then click Go .
  3. When the Define Lists window displays, click to expand the area that contains the field you want to rename.
  4. Select the field you want to rename, then click Change Desc.
  5. In the Field Description field, enter the field's new name, then click OK.

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