The December 2017 Access ACS update features enhancements in several areas. 

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Updated My Calendar Widget

On the Access ACS Dashboard, My Calendar now displays only current and future events. This is helpful for staff members because events that have already occurred that day no longer display, and the calendar loads faster. 

Up to ten events display, along with a Show More link to display all events that day. Click on a date to view all of that day's events on the calendar or click Previous or Next to view other months.

Events display for the entire duration of the event. For example, Mom's Me Time begins at 9 AM and ends at 5 PM. After 9 AM, the event still displays on your calendar until it officially ends at 5 PM. 

If Access ACS is linked to ACS Facility Scheduler's calendar, event details display when you click on an event.

In addition, you can set up filters on the Calendar View in ACS Facility Scheduler to customize which calendars' events display. This filter applies to the My Calendar area on the My Overview page and is helpful for staff members who only work with specific ministry calendars or events.

For example, when you set the filter to remove Show Published EventsBible StudyMusic, and Youth, then click Go, the Chancel Choir Practice and Youth Hangout and Devotion events no longer display. However, the Fellowship Dinner, which is on the Wesley calendar, still displays.

When you return to the Dashboard, the Fellowship Dinner also displays under My Calendar. 

Displaying Calendars on your Website

Our new public calendars are perfect for your website. In Admin > Options > Web Links > Calendar, you can generate links to publicly display calendars on your church's website. If you have ACS Facility Scheduler, you'll notice that the calendar's setup look similar. 

You can select multiple calendars and enter a custom display name. For example, you can select the Bible Study and Missions calendars and enter Outreach Events at Sample Church as a custom display name. 

You can also view previous calendar links and update the display name, which changes the calendar's name on your church's website.

If you need to create multiple weblinks, click Reset to clear the previous selections. 

Already have links from your website? No fear- we have you covered. We'll automatically redirect you to the new public calendar.

User Friendly Public Calendars

We designed our sleek new public calendar with your members and attendees in mind. It's user-friendly and responsive on mobile devices. 

The public calendar displays events from today and up to two weeks out. You can scroll through the events or click on dates to display upcoming or past events. You can also use the arrows or select a new month or year. 

When you find an event you're interested in, click the down arrow to read more about it. The calendar denotes recurring events, and if an event has multiple rooms, they display below the event's name.  

The Add to Calendar button lets you add the event to your personal calendar, and if event registration is available, you can register. 

You can filter the public calendar to display certain types of events. For example, parents can filter the calendar to display events for children or youth if your church has those categories set up. If you filter by calendar and there are no upcoming events, "There are no events on the selected date" displays.

When an administrator cancels a published event in ACS Facility Scheduler, the event is struck through. 

Updated Event Registration Setup Wording

When setting up an event with registrations and adding locations, we've updated the last checkbox's wording to Display the event in the Upcoming Events list.

Easily Adding Users from ACS People Records

When adding users to Access ACS, the Select user from People records button now displays prominently on the left side of the window, making it easier to add users directly from ACS People Suite.

Finding Users Not Attached to Member Records

When an Access ACS user name is not linked to a member record, displays beside it on the Users tab in Admin > Security > Users.

Previously, logging in was the only way for administrators to know if a user name was not linked to a member login. 

Learn more about Realm

Realm is ACS Technologies' newest ministry solution that combines church administration, accounting, and community in one place. Realm helps you efficiently manage your church's operations and connects your church family. 

We've added a Discover Realm button to the Administrative Overview page and for staff on the My Overview page. The button does not display for members.

Church Life Enhancement

For Church Life users on Android OS, images will now keep an accurate aspect ratio when re-sizing.  

  • When an Access ACS user entered an e-mail and password, the user login displayed incorrect Access ACS logins.
  • When generating the Event Export and including registrants' ages, the export did not include ages for every registrant.
  • "Invalid unicode character Line:1 <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?<>s" displayed when a lay leader copied and pasted from Word into a comment field in Access ACS.
  • After changing resources on a Calendar event, the resource e-mails were not sent to everyone. This only occurred when Access ACS and ACS Facility Scheduler calendars were not linked.
  • Individuals received duplicate serving reminder e-mails.
  • When sending a text message in Directories > List of Individuals > Send a Text, the 120 character limit was not respected. Senders could enter additional characters, but the message was truncated at 120 characters when recipients viewed it.
  • An address was lost when a change request was applied if an administrator merged a guest user with a Home address with an individual without a Home address and selected Home during the merge.
  • If a change request existed in Access ACS and an administrator uploaded new information in ACS People Suite, ACS created an additional change request with the old values. This meant the individual's profile had incorrect information.
  • Data in address change requests did not match ACS People Suite. The data was correct in Access ACS, but the data in ACS People Suite displayed the new value as an old address.
  • The Individual API did not respect lower and upper case data from the dLIemail.description and dpeemail.emailtype fields. Developers received an error message when searching on a user's record.
  • When trying to log into ACS Church LIfe, the app crashed and "An unexpected error has occurred. The error in Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source" displayed.
  • "Invalid login, Please try again, [Active]" displayed when trying to log into ACS Church Life.