The Fusion® is a lightweight and ergonomic hand-held scanner capable of omnidirectional and single-line barcode scanning. It’s ideal for churches with busy check-in stations and schools or child care facilities that mark attendance. Plus, there are no software drivers to load – just plug and play! You can use it to scan barcodes in any orientation. For information about purchasing the Fusion Omnidirection Scanner, visit our online store.

  • Push button targeted single-line scanning option
  • Hands-free operation, reducing operator fatigue
  • Multiple sleep modes with IR (infra-red) wake up
  • Mountable stand with three locking positions
  • User configurable depth of field
  • Easy barcode configuration



  1. Plug the cord into the USB port of your computer.
  2. Once your computer finds the scanner, it is ready for use.
  • If your scanner isn't scanning, distance from the scanner to the barcodes may be an issue. Move the scanner closer and farther away until you find the correct range.
  • ACS Technologies recommends, when you're scanning multiple barcodes at once, you hold the trigger and scan all, rather than pressing the trigger and scanning repeatedly for each barcode.