Access ACS lets you keep your ACS records and information secure by limiting the areas your members and attendees can access. User profiles are sets of security rights and permissions assigned to users.

Except for system administrators, everyone in Access ACS must be assigned a user profile. The Access ACS default user profiles are Member Login, Lay Leader Login, Organization Login, and Staff Login.

System Administrators

System administrators can set up and maintain Access ACS. Some administrative tasks include:

Staff Login Users

Staff Login users can access the Admin tab and complete administrative duties. However, system administrators can customize the Staff Login user profile to control the areas that staff users can access. A

system administrator must assign Staff Login profiles. To learn more, see User Profile Permissions – Staff Login.

Organization Login Users

Organization Login users can access and manage their staff and profiles. With the appropriate security rights, Organizations can also give online. To learn more, see User Profile Permissions – Organization Login.

Lay Leader Users

Lay Leader users manage members in the classes and activities in which they hold a leadership position. This user profile lets them manage the groups that they lead. To learn more, see User Profile Permissions – Lay Leader Login.

Member Login Users

Member Login users can access individual profiles for themselves and their family members, maintain a personal calendar, and report problems to the administrator. When users register, Access ACS assigns them the Member Login user profile unless they hold a leadership position. To learn more, see User Profile Permissions – Member Login.

Guest Login Users

Guest Users can access My Event Registrations.

Adding an Access ACS User
Deleting an Access ACS User
Disabling a User Account