When trying to preview or print the Alumni Report in HeadMaster, this error displays

Dbisam engine error #11949 sql parsing error--expected column name, but instead found field 1 in select sql statement at line 3, column 3

Products Affected: HeadMaster (All)

Versions Affected:


To resolve this, perform a manual backup, then contact HeadMaster Support. 

Support Use Only

Access the USERDEF.ACSDAT table for the Current data set and the System data set.

The UDType field Alumni has field names such as Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, etc. Delete those fields (Only delete field names that include the word field and a number).

Examples of some field names for Alumni are Enroll Date, Withdrew, Father, and Mother.

To see which Alumni custom fields need to be in the userdef table before deleting, go to Options/Custom and select the Alumni type. Only the fields needed in the table display.

  1. On the Home page, click Options, then Custom.
  2. Click the Type list and select an individual type (Student, Teacher, etc.). The custom field displays on the individual window for the type you select.

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