Event Registration lets users with the appropriate rights view and export reports. You can create various types of reports.

To create event reports

  1.  In Access ACS, click Reports, then Event Reports.
  2. Select the Report Type you want to create.
  3. Enter the report's Start Date and End Date.
  4. Select the Campus or Department the report is for.
  5. Select any specific events for the report.
  6. To view the report by registrant, enter the registrant's Last Name.
  7. To view a report, click View Report. To export it, click Export.

Event Registrations – Displays details about individuals who have signed up for the event.

Registrants Contact Information Displays contact details about the registrants for the event. All e-mail addresses associated with each registration display.

If you export this report, e-mail addresses are contained within a single column. If you want to separate them for sending e-mails, you can split the columns into different cells. To learn more, see Split text into different cells.

Custom Questions – Displays the questions and answers to the custom questions associated with the event. The report displays the Question and the full Answer in the report. However, in the Event Export, the custom question option displays each question represented by a column and each answer displays on a row below the corresponding question.

Supplies Sold Displays a list of supplies reserved by individuals when they registered for the events. It includes the supplies, quantity sold, unit price, tax amount, and total cost.

Event Revenue Detail Displays a detailed list of revenue received from event registrations. It includes the guest count, relationships between registered individuals, event, sub-event, and supplies revenue, total cost, any descriptions the registrants enter, confirmation number, and GL Code.

Event Revenue Summary Displays a summary of the revenue collected from event registrations. It includes the revenue for the event and supplies, total cost, and GL Code.

Event Detail and Sub-Event Detail Displays details for events or sub-events. It includes the seats sold and revenue for the event.

Event Cancellations Displays the event registration cancellations. It also displays the total number of guests registered, amounts refunded, and dates refunded.

Event Transaction Displays a detailed report of online payments and refunds. If a member registered multiple family members, only the member who paid for the event displays on the report. The report also displays the credit card name, ending digits, transaction ID, refund transaction ID, and GL Code (if applicable).

Event Refunds Still to Process Displays the name of the individual and the event requiring a refund based on the date last modified and the refund date. 

Add and Edit Custom Reports