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HeadMaster Enhancements and Corrections

HeadMaster Desktop Enhancements

Purchase All Pre-Orders When There's no Lunch Line

 Are there ever days when your school doesn't have someone available to enter the lunch line pre-orders? Now, that's no longer an issue with the Purchase ALL Preorders option.

After you purchase all pre-orders, the Preorders grid is automatically updated. Take a look...

Let Recipients Know When Emails are From You

 If an email has an unfamiliar sender name, are you likely to delete it without opening it? That's what some recipients did whenever they received a mass email sent through HeadMaster. Why? The email was sent from – and that made them likely candidates for immediate deletion.

Now, when you send a mass email, there's a new From field that automatically populates with your school name. So, your school name will display in a recipient's email inbox. For example, according to the screen shot below, your email would display to your recipients as being from Testing Academy.

 You can also customize the name within the From field. For example, you might want your school principal's name to display for email recipients. No problem. Change the name to the principal's name, and click Send.

Scan Payment Checks More Quickly

 Previously, when you posted each payment with a check scanner, you had to click the Scan Check button. Depending on the amount of payments you had to process, clicking that button for every check likely added time to your work day.

Specify the Terms for Transcript Exports

 If you don't want your transcript exports to include all terms, you can specify which terms to export.

Now, you can save some of that time for other tasks.

The checks scan uninterrupted, and when you're done, click Cancel

 Save Your Work While Posting Grades

 We added a Save button to the Post Grades Assistant window. While you're entering grades, you can click Save periodically and remain working in the same window.

 Additionally, as you enter grades, the program will autosave every time you move to another column.

Use Weights for Honors and AP Classes On Exported Transcripts

 We added the Use Weights check box to the Export Transcripts window so you can distinguish between certain classes on student transcripts. When you select the Use Weights check box, the exported transcript will append an R (for honors) and a D (for AP) to the end of relevant course names.

Set a Grade Value Limit for Receiving GPA Credit

 If you live in a state that gives GPA credit for failing grades, you can set a grade value limit for receiving GPA credit. For example, in the screen shot below, the value is set at 60. So, any grade values lower than 60 won't add any points to the GPA.

Unlink a Family That's Linked to ACS

 This option is particularly useful for times when there's a mistake in a family record that's linked to ACS. You can unlink the family, correct the mistake, and then create a new link. In the Family List grid, select a family that you want to unlink and click the UnLink from ACS icon. The family will be unlinked from ACS.

View Names That No Longer Exist in ACS

 After you run the Refresh Imported People option, if any names no longer exist in ACS, a window will display with a list of the names. Knowing the names can help you try to track down and correct issues.

Connect a Particular ACS Data Set With HeadMaster

 What if you want to connect your ACS data with your HeadMaster data, but you have multiple ACS data sets? Now, you have the option to select a specific data set. It's in the form of a drop-down list from which you can select a data set.

NOTE: This option is available with ACS or higher. Only families in the currently selected data set are linked to ACS. If you change to another data set, you must re-link the families within that data set.

HeadMaster Corrections

HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • While entering lunch preorders for students, if you closed the Lunch Preorders window and reopened it, the window displayed information for a parent not related to any of the students with lunch preorders.
  • Some lunch preorders entered by a teacher didn't display for an administrator login.
  • Some of the notification emails for low lunch balances weren't being delivered.
  • Some parents were receiving the Low Balance email in error.
  • On the Families grid, teachers were able to view the Family Balance and Unapplied columns.
  • Leaving payment dates blank in billing caused issues with creating statements, importing to General Ledger, and uploading to HeadMaster Online.
  • Purchased lunch items couldn't be deleted from the Sale Details window.
  • While installing the MICRImage check scanner, the correct COM port couldn't be selected.
  • In the Mass E-mail with Constant Contact report and the E-mail Plain Paper Statement report, the page failed to load after clicking YES to log in.
  • On the Student List, when you selected Filter by Form then selected the Active and Oldest Child options, the program didn't pull the correct results.
  • In HeadMaster OnDemand, when importing pictures, the confirmation message stating that the import is complete never displayed.
  • In HeadMaster OnDemand, an error message displayed when clicking Tools >Options. This only happened if you didn't own ACS software.
  • The SchoolCast Export exported activities incorrectly.
  • The Automated Student Check In/Out List report didn't display the names of who checked in each student when that option was selected.
  • An error message displayed while performing a student search according to total absences.
  • An error message displayed while printing the Aging Journal - Detail report or the Aging Journal - Summary report.
  • We updated the way HeadMaster Attendance works. The default attendance markings before teachers post attendance is now “None”. When teachers go into HeadMaster to mark attendance, all students on the roster will be automatically marked as “present”. Teachers should only then need to mark those students who are absent or tardy. This change allows HeadMaster to show if a student’s attendance was not entered for a given day/class.

  • If the parent of a prospective student was also a teacher, his or her name didn't display in the Lunch Line.
  • Searches on admissions didn't process correctly.
  • A person could be scanned in or out before the check in/out grace period had expired. Now, the grace period is honored and a person cannot be scanned again for check in/out until the grace period has expired.
  • After importing a family record that existed only in ACS, the Login Information field was blank within the student and parent records.
  • If only a single billing code was selected for the Billing Statements, the credit balances didn't display.
  • In Define Lists, under Billing, the Billing Codes and Revenue Centers were printing in portrait orientation by default which caused some information to be cut off due to spacing limitations. Now, the printing orientation default is set to landscape.
  • After running promotion, the Family Balance and Unapplied columns were blank in the Family List grid.
  • An error message displayed in HeadMaster Online if you typed http:// while entering a web address in the browser.
  • An error message displayed in HeadMaster Mobile if you typed www while entering a web address in the browser.

HeadMaster Online Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • If an assignment note contained more than 5000 characters, the HeadMaster Online update didn't work properly.
  • While trying to make family and lunch payments, the Continue button was grayed out. So, you couldn't continue to the next window.


Corrections for Support viewing only

HeadMaster Desktop

  • In the SMTP Settings window, when you stepped through each data field using the Tab key on the keyboard, the focus began on the bottom field. So, that it went in reverse (moving bottom to top). (FIN-6639)
  • In the Post Grades Assistant, filtering by Student cancelled after entering the grade. (FIN-6642)

HeadMaster Online

  • In Internet Explorer 11, you couldn't view the right-hand scroll bar within HM Online. (FIN-5757)