After uploading contributions to Access ACS, nothing displays when I try to view a person's contributions. This occurs when looking at a member's record or logged in as a member.

Products affected: Access ACS

Versions affected: Any


A blank transaction year is in the awcbtransaction.acsdat table.

Perform a People backup, then contact Support to help correct this issue. 

Support Use Only


  1. Perform a People backup.

  2. In People, select the Utilities tab.
  3. Click Support Utilities.
  4. Enter the daily password, then click View Table.
  5. On the right, under ACS Data Alias click ACS_DATA.
  6. Under View Files, select *ACSDAT.
  7. Locate and select table Awcbtransaction.
  8. Select Edit Data .
  9. When the backup message displays, click OK.
  10. Sort the table by Transaction Year (seventh column). In the drop-down, select (Blanks).
  11. Enter a transaction year that corresponds to the Transaction Date.

  12. Click Post Edit to apply the changes.