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List View Display

We've reorganized the List View Display to make it easier for your guests to view.

Events that occur at the same time are now grouped together and in alphabetical order instead of repeating the date and time. If both Start and End times display, events are grouped based on both times. If you display only the start time, events are grouped by start time.

The event name and primary location now display on the same line. The location displays to the right of the event name, and if the event has a long name, it wraps to the next line (determined by the longest location name). 

When an event is canceled, the event's name is struck through, and (Canceled) displays. The event's location does not display. If you don't want to display canceled events, change the event from published to not published in ACS Facility Scheduler.

A few other List View Display changes include:

  • The month's abbreviation displays instead of the full month name. For example, Oct. now displays instead of October. 
  • When only the current date criteria is selected, the date does not display on the List view. 
  • All Day events display All Day instead of the event times. 

In the List view, you can now include or exclude events end times. 

When setting up the layout, Include Event End Time is selected by default. You can clear it if you don't want to display the end time.

You can now rename display files. This is helpful if you upload a file, then find a spelling error in the name.