ACS Technologies no longer sells or supports palm and finger vein scanners. 

Some organizations have replaced barcode scanners with vein scanners. Instead of scanning a key fob, members scan the veins of their palm or finger (depending on the scanner style) when they check in, creating a numeric code based on location of certain biometric points within their palm/finger. Because vein patterns exist inside the body, it is practically impossible to recreate someone's biometric template.

By connecting palm/finger vein scanning devices to check-in stations instead, of barcode scanners, and entering the vein ID in place of the individual’s bar code, you can use palm and finger scanners instead of barcode scanners. Scanners convert the vein locations in a person’s palm/finger into a numeric code.

The Palm and Finger Vein scanners work with ACS Desktop, HeadMaster Desktop, and HeadMaster OnDemand. They will also work with ACS OnDemand as long as the OnDemand computers see each other on the local area network.

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Internal Use Only

This information was previously available to anyone accessing this page. Since ACST no longer sells the Palm and Finger Vein scanners, this information is now available for internal use only.