ACS Technologies supports all hardware that integrates with our software. To make purchasing hardware at the lowest price easier, our online store links to compatible printers and scanners on Amazon.

Not sure what to purchase? Our hardware page lists printers and check readers' compatibility with mobile devices, Realm, and Microsoft and Mac OS.

For information related to using printer, scanner, or ID card readers within a specific product, refer to the product's help.  Return to the main product help page.


Brother Wireless Printers

Dymo 450 Turbo LabelWriter Printer

Zebra GX420d Wireless Label Printer

Wireless Printing Terms and Recommendations


Datalogic Magellan 800i Omnidirectional Scanner

MICRImage Check Reader

Palm and Finger Vein Scanners


The Code Reader 2300 Bluetooth Scanner

The Fusion Omnidirectional Scanner

SmartSource Check Scanner

ImageSafe Check Scanner

ID Card Readers

Zenius and Primacy ID Card Printers

Tattoo 2, Pebble 4, and Dualys 3 ID Card Printers

Forms and Supplies

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