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Dear (name):


The ministerial staff and leadership are excited to share a new benefit at (your church name). In four weeks, the church will give the members of our congregation the ability to access their membership information online. You can change your address, phone numbers, email addresses, and other items related to your membership records. Only you can see your membership profile. You will not be able to view any other member’s profile, and others will not be able to view your profile.


Once all of our membership records are updated, we will implement other new benefits including:


  • Better involvement in small groups
  • More efficient communication among small group leaders and members
  • Online event registration
  • Online giving
  • Online calendars of events
  • Church newsletters and announcements available through email


First, we need to update our current database with the email addresses of all our members. The software uses the combination of your first name, last name, and email address as a secure method of assigning you a password. That password is sent to you by email.  Once you receive the password, you can securely access your basic membership information.


Enclosed is a card you can use to provide the information we need to update your membership records.  Simply place the card in the offering plate, drop it off at the church office during regular business hours, or email the information to (your email address). If you prefer, you can call the church office and a staff member can obtain your information over the phone. All email addresses are securely protected and will not be distributed outside of the church office.


You are welcome to call the church office if you have any questions. 




Your Pastor