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Register and pay for events online!


We’re making it easier for you to get involved with our events at (your church name) . Now you’ll be able to search for events, register, pay, and sign up to volunteer all from one location.


Sign up and find out more about events online. Here’s how:


First – Make sure we have your email address and membership details. Place a reply card in the offering plate, drop it off at the church office during regular business hours, give us a call, or email your information to (your church email address here) .


All email addresses and membership details are securely protected and not distributed outside of the church office.


Then – Go online to (your church Web site address here) , click (your Access ACS link here) , and register.


Next – Browse for events that interest you, easily register online, and even volunteer to help out.


Contact the church office for more information.


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