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Cut and paste this information into your weekly newsletters or bulletins



Week 1 of Campaign


The ministerial staff and leadership are excited to share a new benefit at (your church name).  In four weeks, the church will launch a new software innovation that lets you access your membership information online.  You should have received a letter from (your pastor) detailing those benefits and a response card.  Updating our membership records with the current email addresses of all our church members is key to launching this program.


What are the benefits?  Our online church programs will:


  • Make it easier for people to get involved with small groups
  • Help small group leaders and members communicate more efficiently
  • Allow online event registration
  • Enable online giving
  • Let us post online calendars of events
  • Enable us to email church newsletters and announcements


We appreciate your assistance!  Simply place the response card in the offering plate, drop it off at the church office during regular business hours, or email the information to (your email address). If you prefer, you can call the church office and a staff member can obtain your information over the phone.


All email addresses is securely protected and not distributed outside of the church office.





Insert this weekly reminder throughout your campaign


Thanks to everyone who submitted their email addresses!  We are busy updating the membership records.  Our goal is 100% participation. Our church will be more responsive to the needs of our members and better able to connect with prospective members in our community. 


Remember, you can submit your email information to us by placing the response card that you received into the offering plate, dropping it off at the church office during regular business hours, or emailing the information to (your email address).