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You can upload custom images and videos for background images on displays. This lets you brand Broadcast for your church or for specific ministries.

For example, your display for the digital signage entering the sanctuary can differ from the digital signage in the children's wing.

Broadcast stores a maximum of 50 files, and you can add, rename, download, or delete files, as needed. Video files should not exceed 50 MB in size, and image files should not exceed 10 MB. 

 .JPG, .PNG, and .MP4 file types work with Broadcast.

To download files, on the Files page, click Download below the file you want to download.

 To add files
  1. In Broadcast, click Add New File.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Enter a friendly name in the File Name field, then click Save.
 To rename files
  1. On the Files page, click Rename below the file to rename.
  2. Edit the File Name, then click Save.
 To delete files
  1. On the Files page, click Delete below the file to remove.
  2. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes.

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