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Displays can have different formats and themes, so you can share information that's appropriate for your target audience. Think of displays like channels on a TV.

For example, you could promote upcoming summer camps and Mother's Morning Out events on in the children's wing and display church-wide events for all ages near the sanctuary.

You can customize up to 50 display configurations. You can select any color as a static background, upload images, or MP4 videos to use as a screen saver.

 To add a display
  1. In Broadcast, click Add New Display.
  2. In the drop-down list, select a Display Type.
  3. Enter a Display Name.
  4. Customize the other settings as necessary.
  5. To save the display, click Save. To save and view the display, click Save & Launch.
 To edit a display
  1. On the Displays page, click Edit below the display you want to edit.
  2. Customize the display settings as needed.
  3. To save the display, click Save. To save and view the display, click Save & Launch
 To copy a display

Copying a display lets you send the link to another computer to execute it.

  1. On the Displays page, click Copy beside the display you want to copy. 
  2. When the Copied! confirmation message displays, the URL is copied to your clipboard. You can send it to another computer.
  3. On the other computer, you must log into Broadcast. When you log in, the display automatically starts.
 To delete a display
  1. On the Displays page, click Delete below the display you want to remove.
  2. Confirm the deletion.

After you set up your displays, you can launch them throughout your church.