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You can access ACS, HeadMaster, and PDS in one of two ways, via local installation or OnDemand. 

Local Installation

This means the software is installed on your office computer. You must be using the computer with the software installed on it to use the programs. The data resides on your computer or server and your office is responsible for the regular software maintenance and backup of your data.


This is where the software is installed on a server hosted by ACS Technologies, but you can log in remotely from anywhere you have an Internet connection. The data resides on our servers and we take care of all routine software maintenance and back up your data on a regular basis.

(tick) If you're an OnDemand customer, you log in to the OnDemand servers to access your software application. You can connect to OnDemand through the ACS OnDemand icon on your desktop.

The log in window displays as the image below:

OnDemand Log In Window

Once you log in, you will see the OnDemand main menu with the programs you own.

OnDemand Main Menu