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HeadMaster Desktop Enhancements

 New Reports and Report Options

 You have the ability in Report Builder to add a parent marital status to the Student Profile report and to add StartDate, EndDate, and Location fields to Transcript reports.

 Progress reports, report cards, and transcript reports have an Include Admin Hold records check box. Administrative users can select this check box to print the reports for student records that are on Administrative Hold.

 The Automated Other Check In/Out List and Automated Parent Check In/Out List reports have the option to include, in the printed reports, reasons for visits. When you select the Print Reason for Visit check box, the reasons display in the left column of the Reason section below the check box. The reasons listed in the left column print by default. To print only specific reasons on the report, select them and then move them to the right column by using the arrow buttons.

 The Class List report displays Grade Period, Grade Scale, Credits, Grade Type, AP, Weighted, GPA, and Transcript information for printing.

 We added a new Billing report: The Payment Posting Summary report prints the payments, money types, and revenue center breakdown.  

 Also under Billing reports, we added a Show Voided check box to the Deposit Ticket Listing, Deposits By Tracking ID, and Transaction Journal by Family reports.    

 We added a new List report: The Class Skills List report allows you to view a listing of skills attached to each class.

 We added a new Grade report: The Failing Assignment by Student report prints failing assignment grades.

 We added a new Lunch report: The Lunch Mismatch report compares students' lunch pre-orders to their sales details. This report can help you determine which students didn't pick up their lunches.

 The Lunch Statement has two new options: Include Zero Balances and Include Credit Balances.

 A preview screen with the names of the recipients displays before you send the Low Balance email.


 You can display an individual's Lunch Balance when their name is scanned or selected. To use this new option, navigate to Tools > Options > Lunch Settings. The Display Balance check box is under the Display Lunch Balance section.

 The Lunch Statement contains a new check box option: Show Homeroom. Select this check box to include the homeroom teacher's name in the report. If there are multiple children in a family, then the report includes only the homeroom teacher of the oldest child.

 You can include multiple homeroom teachers for printing in the Preorder By Homeroom and Preorder Count By Homeroom reports. The homeroom teacher names display in the left column of the Additional section. The names listed in the left column print by default. To print only specific homeroom teacher names on the report, select them and then move them to the right column by using the arrow buttons.

The Lunch Preorders grid allows horizontal scrolling that keeps the student names displayed on the left side of the screen at all times.

 You can select to void funds by family or staff/other people. To access these options, click Lunch > Lunch Money. Select the void option you want, click Next on each screen after making your selections, and then click Post.

 Update Permanent Records

 When you run Update Permanent Records or manually edit/add information directly in a permanent record, the class location and class start/end dates information displays on the Permanent Record Subject screen.

 User Administration

 The Teacher Login user group assignment option is no longer available when new users are added. This prevents possible confusion with the Teacher user group assignment option.

 Define List

 When you delete any of the Student Notes Categories, you have the option to remove the associated notes from the student records.

 Show Active Users

 We added a Select ALL button, so you don't have to individually select each user in order to force a logout for all users.

 Students/Prospective Students

 We added Complete ALL buttons to the Re-Enrollment, Application Tracking, and Inquiry Tracking categories on the Enrollment tab within the student records. When you click the Complete ALL button, it will complete all fields in the category.

 Check In/Out

 Since elementary, middle, and high school students can have different time schedules, we expanded the Check In/Out options to allow for separate tardy times per grade-level range.

 You have the option to print a tardy slip while using Check In/Out for marking school attendance.

 School Attendance

 The School Attendance saves the last attendance marking that was used, so the next time you open the School Attendance screen you can pick up with that same attendance marking.

 New SchoolCast™ Export

 You can include multiple student activities in the SchoolCast export.

 You can use a drop-down list selection to populate the Bus Route field during the SchoolCast export process. This drop-down list contains the custom field names that you previously created.


 The Communication tab includes instances of the Low Balance emails within the Correspondence Log.

Resolved HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

The Page Break On Class check box option didn't work properly for the Lesson Plan Detail report.

The Selected Week's Lesson Plans didn't print from the Lesson Plans (Week View) screen.

On the Progress Report, assignment type weights were printing even if they were not used for that particular class.

When a student correspondence included Address fields and the letter was emailed to either primary parents or all parents, the address information didn't always display correctly.

The Save Map option didn't work properly during the HM Import.

When attempting to add a new behavior and a staff member is in the Report By field, the behavior could not be deleted.

HeadMaster Online Enhancements

 Teacher Login

 Teachers can view the lunch menu and place pre-orders for their lunches.

 Parent Login

 When a lunch balanced is owed, the parent sees the balance displayed in red text. When there is a surplus of funds, a message displays after the balance number stating "Available for lunch".

 Parent and Student Login

 You can print a PDF version of the Student Schedule.

 Schools have the ability to set a cut-off date for lunch pre-orders.  

Resolved HeadMaster Online Corrections

 An error message displayed if parents clicked Order Lunch when there were no student names listed.

 Daily homework was missing if a prior day within the same week contained an excessive use of text in the homework field.