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HeadMaster Enhancements

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 Upgraded Add Student Assistant

 Now, when you're adding a new student to an existing family, you can include "Inactive Families" in the drop down list of existing families. This can help you avoid duplicating family records when managing your data. 

 Is Tommy a Thompson or a Taylor? Now, make sure you add the right child to the right family. We've added the ability to show the family's address when you're adding a new student to an existing family. This will help you make sure you add the child to the correct family. 

 Customizable Class Attendance

 Just because a student misses a class doesn't mean they're not in school. Since students sometimes have to attend school related meetings or events during class time, we've added reason codes to give you more flexibility and precision when marking for students present. 

 Revised Lesson Plans

 You've got a lot on your plate, so we're helping you cut down on extra steps. Now you can print specific lesson plans directly from the Lesson Plans window.

 Improved Reports

 Need a more detailed lunch report? We've added a printable report that shows a summary of sales broken down by item and lunch plan that also shows the quantity and price of the items on the report. 
Tracking who goes in and out of your school is of the utmost importance. Now your office staff can print Parent ID Cards for parents checking their children in or out of school. 
We've created a new report that shows which children did not check in for the day or days you select. This is an insurance requirement in some states for the schools and/or learning centers.

 Blended Families in Searches

 It takes a village, and some blended families can seem like a village all on their own. Now you have the option to include the secondary parents of a child in a parent search.

 Updated Student Grid

 Your day moves at rocket speed, and looking up contact information can slow you down. Now you can expand the Student Grid Detail Panel to quickly see contact numbers for a selected student. You can also hide sections that are displayed by default. 
Now, view absences, tardies, GPA, and current grade average for a selected student in the Student Grid Detail Panel. You can also hide sections that are displayed by default 

  You don't have time to waste when an emergency situation occurs. Now, emergency contacts are listed in tree format for instant viewing of all a student's contacts at one time on the Student Grid Panel.

 Automated Teacher Comments

 You can only write "Good Job!" so many times before writer's cramp sets in. Now administrators can create a standard comments list for individual classrooms and teachers, and then allow teachers to select from commonly used report card comments. However, if you prefer to enter individualized comments, you can still do that, too. 

 Upgraded Password Security

 Did you hear the one about the guy who makes all his passwords unique, then writes them down and carries them everywhere in his wallet to help him remember each one? You're only as secure as your most visible password, so we've added a default setting that masks ID numbers on the check in and out screen. The IDs now display as dots instead of the actual number. Administrators have the capability to change this feature, if you decide it's not for your organization.

 Increased Check-In Security

 Now, you can save a tree and improve your security measures at the same time. You can now use the Check In/Out feature to sign in parents attending school functions electronically, giving you a record of their visit that's more secure than a sign in sheet. 
Parents and other school visitors now receive badges with their name and reason for being on school grounds upon electronic check-in. 

Family situations can change in an instant, and when a parent is picking up a child, you need to quickly know if they are approved for pick-ups. Now, when a parent signs in to pick up a child, the family information is automatically cross-checked for any information pertaining to the primary parents who may pick up that child. 
Now when a parent checks in or checks a child in, you can display messages specific to that family.

 Pay Fees Online

 Out of checks? Prefer going green? Now parents can make online payments to tuition, lunch fees, and a variety of other fees through HeadMaster Online. This feature is for schools and/or daycare centers using HeadMaster Billing.

Resolved HeadMaster Corrections

Error message displays when DLL does not exist.

The Change Log window freezes.

Error message displays when using the space bar to delete.

Error messages display when classes have the same name.

Payments are assigned to the wrong family.

Printing and previewing does not function correctly when working in the Student or Prospective grids.

School Attendance Daily Absence Report displays all students, not just the names of absent or tardy students.

Save option does not display when copying an assignment to another day.

Families window does not close after editing.

Visitors are not saved after check in.