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Leaves are turning colors, fall is in full swing and, believe it or not, holidays are creeping up just around the corner! Facility Scheduler has a reason to celebrate, too. We're pleased to announce a brand new release with many requested enhancements and corrections.

Are you integrated with Access ACS? View the latest release notes for more Events enhancements and corrections.

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New Save Prompt

If you close the window while you are adding or editing an event, Facility Scheduler will prompt you to save your changes. 

Canceled Occurrences

When you cancel a published occurrence of an event, a new prompt will ask if you want to remove the published setting. If you leave the occurrence published, it will remain visible on the calendar as a canceled event. You will hide the occurrence on the calendar if you choose to remove the published setting. 

You can now change the Published status of a canceled occurrence. This allows you edit a canceled occurrence and hide it on the calendar at a later time. 

Show All Locations on the Monthly Calendar Report

The Monthly Calendar report now provides a Show All Locations option. You can also continue to select Show Primary Location as needed. 

Setup and Teardown Times

When you enter a setup and/or teardown time manually, and then add one or more resources to the event, one of the following happens: 

  • If the total time of the resources is less than the manually entered time, no changes are made.
  • If the total time of the resources is greater than the manually entered time, the manually entered time changes to match the resource time. 


On the Monthly Calendar Report, if two events on the same day have the same primary location, only one event displays the location. Resolved
Facility Scheduler does not properly place events in order when sorting advanced queries by start time. The sorting will now take into account whether a start time is listed as AM or PM. Resolved
Restricted resources are available to all users during event creation. This causes the event creation to fail when a user who does not have proper permissions attempts to book the restricted resource as part of the event. Resolved
When printing a report using the 3x5 card option, the event description and notes do not print.Resolved