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Using the Contemporary > Back to Basics template, I want to remove images from the header without a custom design.

Products affected: Extend

Versions affected: Any


To do this, enter a custom CSS. 

Before you can edit the Global/Local Code, you must select Advanced User on your user profile.

 To enter a Custom CSS
  1. In Channel Manager, select a channel.
  2. In the Actions section, click Layout Channel.
  3. In the Action bar for the channel, click CSS/JavaScript  . This displays the code form. If you want to only change it for a specific channel, place your cursor over CSS/JavaScript, then select Edit Local CSS/JS.
  4. In the CSS/JavaScript form, in the Custom CSS section, enter "#header_name img {display:none}".

  5. Click Save.


Here is a before and after look at the Contemporary > Back to the Basics template with any scheme:



Once the image is removed, the line of text moves up because image is included with the text. Once the image is removed, the text is not as high as before. To bring the two lines of text closer together, add "#header_name {margin-bottom: -5pt}" to the same area. Change -5pt to your desired setting; the higher the negative number, the closer they are. The higher the positive number, the further they are.