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Click the tabs to select an area in ACS, then select a link that corresponds with your need.

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  People is the cornerstone of the ACS People Suite. Use the People module to manage the personal data for the people involved in your organization.

  Contributions offers a versatile, secure solution for tracking your funds. ACS Contributions manages and maintains all of your contribution information.

  Organizations provides a way to coordinate your organizational offices. It provides more than 200 customizable fields to better meet your organization's unique needs.

  Checkpoint is an intelligent, customizable, check-in program designed to be an integral part of your security plan. With Checkpoint, you can use customized badges to quickly and easily check individuals in as well as streamline and simplify attendance.

  Attendance is an excellent tool for tracking and reporting attendance for classes, services, and activities. Use it to create class rolls, absentee reports, marking sheets, grids, and enrollment forms.

  Reservations manages events data. Use it to coordinate the sign-up process, store details for an activity, track people interested in participating, and keep up with fees.

  Connections organizes your outreach so you can be more proactive and responsive. Use it to track, plan, and record all incoming and outgoing visits and contacts, as well as maintain prospect and caller information.

  Special Mailings provides a way to contact people who aren't members or prospects of your organization, such as area pastors, other organizations, and media contacts. Use it to create, organize, and manage group lists of these contacts.
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General Ledger provides financial record keeping and report functions based on the needs of non-profit organizations. The module provides for all regular accounts and restricted funds that are neither income nor expense to the church, but have been designated for a specific use.

Accounts Payable tracks vendor information, prints checks, and posts to the General Ledger automatically on either a cash or an accrual basis. This module also tracks and prints 1099s.

Purchase Orders issues, prints, and tracks purchase orders through completion. When you receive purchase orders, you can create an invoice in the Accounts Payable module from the purchase order. Purchase Orders do not post to the General Ledger, but you can include encumbered amounts in General Ledger reports.

Accounts Receivable tracks customer information, prints invoices and statements, and automatically posts to the General Ledger on either a cash or an accrual basis. The Accounts Receivable module is most often used for a church day care, Mother’s Day Out program, or school.

Payroll tracks employee information, prints payroll checks, and posts to the General Ledger automatically. This module also tracks and prints W2s and 941s.

Fixed Assets tracks buildings, equipment, and vehicles, including maintenance records. ACS Financials can also calculate depreciation, either monthly or yearly, and post depreciation to the General Ledger.

Contributions tracks contributor information and prints statements and charitable contributions reports. Although the Contributions module is a part of ACS People Suite, it interfaces with the General Ledger and posts to it.
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