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A podcast is a digital media file or files available for streaming or download over the Internet. When someone subscribes to a podcast, the digital files can be automatically downloaded to the users computer for their listening convenience or they can stream the files over the Internet. Podcasts can be weekly sermons, non-copyrighted music, Bible studies, and any other type of recorded audio.

Signing Up For Streaming Media In Extend

To sign up for the Streaming Media & Podcast service, please email Extend Sales at

What Next?

For the examples and steps in this document we are using Apple's iTunes® software for Windows®.

To Do List

Complete the following steps to begin podcasting:

  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes from the Apple Web site at
  • Sign up for an iTunes account. After the iTunes download is complete, point to File, then select the store option to create an iTunes account. The account is free, but the sign up process requires a valid credit card.
  • Save the media file you want to upload to your desktop.
  • Upload your media file to the ACS Media Streaming server.

Uploading Your Audio File to the ACS FTP Server

Before you start creating podcasts, you must upload your media file to the ACS FTP server. You must do this every time you make an addition or an update.

To be able to upload media files to the ACS FTP server, you must have FTP client software installed and point it to the correct server. You can use the Windows File Explorer included with Windows software, or alternatively we recommend Filezilla FTP Client. You can download the software for free at

 To log into the ACS FTP Server
  1. Start Windows File Explorer or Filezilla.
  2. Enter the path for the Host. Depending on the FTPclient software you opened, the Host varies. The Host for Windows Explorer is The Host for Filezilla is
  3. Enter your Username and Password. These were e-mailed to you by ACS Technologies.

Two directories display once you successfully log into the server: Streaming and Downloads. Podcasting files are housed in the Downloads folder.


To add your media file to the Downloads directory, drag and drop it from the desktop to Downloads.

You can create sub-folders within the folders in the Downloads directory for organization purposes. For example, you can create a folder titled Bible Study, then have sub-folders for Young Adult bible study and Singles bible study.

Creating a Podcast in Media Manager

Now that you have uploaded your media file to the Media Streaming Server, you can create your podcast in the Media Manager.

 Creating a podcast
  1. Point to Site, then click Media Manager.
  2. Under Actions, click Create Podcast.
  3. On the Attributes tab, enter a Title, Description, and Search Keywords for your podcast.
  4. If you want a picture to display with your podcast, click for the image size you want to upload.
  5. Click the Episodes tab.

Once you enter the general information for your podcast it is time to add episodes. You select episodes for your podcast from the media files you uploaded to the ACS FTP Server.

 Adding episodes to your podcast
  1. On the Episodes tab, click .
  2. Enter a Title, and Description for the episode.
  3. In the File Url field, select the media file you want to add to the podcast from the drop-down list. The File Type and File Size (bytes) fields automatically display.
  4. If necessary, you can enter a Subtitle, Search Keywords, and Duration for the episode.
  5. Click Save.
  6. On the Episodes tab, click Save.

Your podcast file displays in the Media Manager as an XML file.

Before you publish your podcast, you need to copy the URL link for the XML file.

 To copy the XML file URL for the podcast
  1. To select the podcast, click the XML file.
  2. Under Actions, click View/Edit Properties.
  3. In the Information box, copy the Media Item URL. You need this URL to publish the podcast in iTunes.

Now can publish your podcast to iTunes.

Publishing Your Podcast

To share your podcast files with others through iTunes, you need to publish the files.

 To publish your podcast
  1. Log into the iTunes store.
  2. Click Podcast from the iTunes store menu.
  3. Scroll down the page until Submit a Podcast displays.
  4. Enter the Media Item URL you copied earlier 

You only need to run this setup once, you will not need to run it again. Each time you update the episodes in Media Manager, your podcasts are updated for you.

Future Updates

To Do List


  • Upload media files to the Media Streaming server.
  • Add the additional episodes to the podcast in Extend.
  • Republish the XML file.

For each new media file you create you will need to follow the steps outlined above.