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ACS Define Lists lets you set up dates, fields, and lists in ACS so that you can effectively manage your church or organization's data. You can customize Define Lists to suit your organization's unique needs and track the data you want to track in ACS.

In addition, if you want to track an item that isn't set up in Define Lists, you can activate an additional field, add the information you want to track, and track that data for individuals and organizations.

 To define lists in ACS
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People, then click Go .
  3. When the Define Lists window displays, expand the area you want to track information for, then select the field you want to work with.
  4. Once you've selected the field you want to track data for, you can: 
  5. When you finish working with Define Lists, click Close.
Additional Field Information

Under Fields, the additional fields you can set up in ACS display. The field you select on the left determines what displays in the right pane of the Define Lists window.

Define Lists Buttons

Groups Setup
Displays the Group Setup window. Use activity groups when you want to be able to assign more than one option in a field to an individual's record.

A good example of this is setting up committees, since an individual could be part of multiple committees. If you set up your committees as a list, then you can assign an individual to only one committee in the list. If you set up your committees in Group Setup, you can assign the individual to all committees they are a part of.

Click to print the Define Lists Report. This lists the Field Type, Description, and Elements for all additional fields.

Activate Field
When you select a field, date, or list that is Not Defined, click this button to activate it. To learn more, see Working with Additional Fields, Dates, and Lists in People Define Lists.

Deactivate Field
Click to deactivate a field that you no longer want to use in ACS. Once you deactivate a field, the information you tracked with it is lost and can only be restored with a backup, so be sure to consider that before deactivation.

Change Desc.
Click to give a field a different description to display in ACS. This option is available when you select an active field from the Fields list. Renaming a field changes the name of the field throughout the ACS software.

Click to add a list element to the selected field's drop-down list.

Click to edit the selected list element. When you edit the Member Status elements under Individual lists, you can also map each status to a Record Type. When you edit a list element, the change is applied to all records that reference that element.

Click to delete the selected list element from the selected field's drop-down list. When you delete a list element, it's removed from all records that reference that element.


Some of the fields in the Fields list, such as Marital Status, are required. The descriptions assigned to these fields cannot be changed; however, you can edit the drop-down list elements associated with the fields.

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