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The September 2018 Access ACS update features enhancements in several areas.

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Online payments report for ACS General Ledger

Our new ACS GL Export for Online Payments report displays online payments for Event Registration events with GL Codes and Batch ID Numbers associated with them. The report sorts transactions by Batch ID and includes the transaction's date, ID, GL Code (AcctCode), event name, and amount.

With adequate rights to Event Reports, you can view, print, or export this report. If you plan to import this report into ACS General Ledger, do not edit the fields. 

Enter guests and comments when marking attendance

We've given the Mark Attendance area a makeover.

When you mark attendance for classesactivities, or small groups, the attendance number displays at the top of the window. As you select members, the Marked field updates, and you can enter the number of additional guests. You can still enter guest names or share comments with group leaders and staff.

Alerts when updating online giving

If you remove an online giving fund with recurring gifts, a message now displays. You can contact contributors with recurring gifts to update their gifts or leave the fund available. 

If you clear Allow Scheduled Giving and click Save, a message lets you know all recurring gifts are deleted and cannot be restored. 

Comments display on the Connections grid

When viewing connections, comments now display in the grid. Previously, you had to click on each connection to check for comments.  

Updated message when deleting small groups

We've updated the messaging when deleting small groups, so that no one accidentally deletes groups from the database.

Customized messages for church directories

In Administration, you can add a customized message to the bottom of your church directory. For example, your message could say that your church directory may not be used for solicitation.

The message is limited to 255 characters, and the number of characters entered updates as you type your message. 

Fewer clicks when adding attributes

When setting up attributes, the cursor automatically moves to the Name field after clicking Add, saving time. 

Updated wording when giving online

We've updated the message your donors see when they give online. It's friendlier and more succinct.


 Access ACS Corrections
  • When trying to update payment methods in Manage Scheduled Giving, "Bad Parameter (29338Bad Parameter.PNG)" displayed.
  • When editing a registration event and clicking Next in Event Details, "Specified argument was out of range. Parameter name: index" displayed.
  • When selecting a different deposit account for a fund using Text Giving, the fund was not updated and the money was applied to the default online giving account.
  • When trying to edit a registration event, Access ACS didn't read event types correctly.
  • When giving online, information in the memo field wasn't added to the Online Giving Report or imported into ACS People Suite. The information displayed on the receipt.
  • When editing a recurring event with exclusions in the date range in Access ACS, the excluded dates were overwritten.
 Church Life Corrections

Android Corrections

  • ChurchLife crashed on startup on Android 9.0 phones.
  • When marking small group attendance, the roster count that displayed in the message was incorrect for groups with more than 100 individuals on a roster.
  • When marking attendance and entering guest information before posting markings, the e-mail was sent to the small group master leader but not the assigned administrators.
  • When viewing the details of a comment, the date displayed the month as a zero. For example, 6/13/2018 displayed as 0/13/2018.

iOS Correction

  • If a roster had more than 50 people, the Show More option at the bottom of My Groups did not display additional names.

Other Corrections

  • When setting up profiles for marking attendance, timeout errors displayed.
  • When a site with Access ACS and ACS Facility Scheduler converted to Realm, Church Life prompted clients without Access ACS usernames to create Realm accounts.
  • When a user's rights were restricted, an exception error displayed when selecting an individual on a roster.
  • When viewing an event's details, "null object reference" displayed.
  • When marking group attendance, a message displayed that the group was too large to mark attendance for through the app. The app counted dropped individuals as a part of the roster.