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In Mass Change, you can move your data from one field to another location. However, you should set up the Category Description in Define Lists before moving data.

There are some limits when moving fields.

  • If your data is currently in a drop-down list, you can move it to another drop-down list or a non-list field. You cannot move it to a date field.
  • If your data is currently in a non-list field, you cannot move it to a list, but you can move it to a non-list field. You can move it to a date field; however, only valid dates move. Invalid dates remain in the original field, and the original field name is appended with the prefix Old. You can then search the old field for "Not Blank" to find the invalid dates and manually move the date. When you are done, you can deactivate the old field to remove the invalid dates.
  • If your data is currently in a date field, you cannot move it to a list. You can move it to a non-list field or another date field.

Make a Backup

We recommend performing a manual backup before using the Mass Change feature. A current backup is the only way to be sure you can "undo" the changes in case of a mistake.

 To move field values in Mass Change
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Tasks tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People Mass Change or Organizations Mass Change and click Go .
  3. Under Change Mode, select Move Field.
  4. Under Available Fields, select the field you want to move.
  5. Under Move To, select the field in which you want to move the information.
  6. Review your choices, then click Move.
  7. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes.
  8. To exit Mass Change, click Close.