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Events display in chronological order and can be displayed in one of three layouts: Slide, List, or Room Signage. Monitors throughout your facility can access these displays. 

 Slide Layout

When you display events using the Slide Layout, one event displays at a time with the event's name, date, time of the event, description, and primary location.

 List Layout

When you display events using the List Layout, all events for a given selection display and identify the time of the event, name, and primary location.

You can choose to include or exclude the event end time.

 Room Signage

To use the Room Signage layout, you must select a location in the Data Filter. The current event or the next upcoming event displays (the location does not display). Before the event starts, the words Next Event display, and once the meeting or event starts, these words disappear. 

You can also display the current event and a preview of the next event. 15 minutes before the next event's start time, the display rotates between the current event and the upcoming event. The words Next Event display before the upcoming event. 

By default, the background file displays if the day has events. If you don't use a background file, the background color displays. You can also display the date and time.

If the room has no events for the day or the last event is over, the screensaver displays.  If you don't include a screensaver, the background file displays. If you don't use a screensaver or background file, a black background displays.

 Additional Field Descriptions


Title — Enter or edit the display title. The title displays on the screen.

Display Events — Select the range to include on your event calendar. Depending on the layout selected, you can include today's events, or events for up to 180 days, 26 weeks, or 6 months.

Clock — Select to hide the clock, or to display the current date (or date and time) on the slides.



Layout Type — Select to use a List or Slides layout type. If you select List, you can include the event's end time.

Background Color — If you don't use a screen saver or background file, select a background color or enter a hex code without the #. The default is black.

Background File — Select a background file to display behind events. You can select an image or video from the Files page.

If there are events to display, the Background File displays. If no Background File is selected, the Background Color displays.

Screen Saver — Select a screen saver to display when no events display. You can select an image or video from the Files page. If you use a video, select Mute to mute the sound.

If there are no events to display, the Screen Saver displays. If no Screen Saver link is selected, the background is black.

If you upload an MP4 video to use as a screen saver or background file, use a native MP4 file, not a converted one. Converted MP4 video files may display a black background.


Refresh Events — Select to refresh events every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Display Duration — Select how long to display each slide or list. You can display the slide or list from 10 seconds to 1 minute.

Data Filter — Select to display all data or data by calendar or location. You can then choose which calendars or locations to display, and you can display events from multiple calendars.