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In My Outreach Assignments, group leaders can view a list of outreach contacts assigned in the last seven days, change the date range to include assigned contacts over seven days old, include completed assignments, sort the contact list, and view the contact details.

Unless you select Include Completed Connections, only Overdue, Incomplete and Pending Complete contacts display.

  • A contact is overdue if it is incomplete and the current date is after the Contact Due Date. If the status is Overdue the text color of the word Overdue is red. 
  • A contact is pending complete if it has been marked complete in Access ACS but has not been accepted by the Administrator.

On the My Connections tab, click a column heading to sort the assignment list, or click the contact name to view details about the contact.

 To change the date range
  1. Point to Home, then click My Profile.
  2. Click the My Connections tab.
  3. Enter new dates in the From and To fields, then click Go.
  4. If necessary, select Include Completed Connections to view all assignments for the date range.
 To complete an assignment
  1. Point to Home, then click My Profile.
  2. Click My Connections.
  3. To complete an assignment, click a Contact Name.
  4. Under Enter Results, enter the date you contacted the individual.
  5. Select a response from the Possible responses column. Click a response to select it, then click to move the response to the Actual column.
  6. If necessary, enter any additional comments.
  7. Click Save to send the completed contact to the administrator as a change request, or Cancel to return to the previous page.
 To view connection history
  1. Point to Home, then click My Profile.
  2. Click My Connections.
  3. Click a Contact Name.
  4. Click Connection History to view all Connection Activity for this individual.

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