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The Bank Deposit Report lets you view detailed information about deposits and transactions. 

After you view the transactions you can export the information to an Excel spreadsheet. If you export while viewing the Summary Transaction page, all of the available transactions display export. If you export while viewing a specific transaction, only the information displayed about that transaction is exported. To export the report to Excel, click Export

 To view the Bank Deposit Report
  1. Point to Reports, then click Online Giving Reports.
  2. Click the Bank Deposit Report tab.
  3. In the drop-down list, select the Deposit Account you want to view transactions for.
  4. Enter the dates for the transactions you want to view in the appropriate fields. To select the dates from a calendar, click .
  5. Depending on the merchant account provider you have, click Go or Filter.


Depending on your merchant account provider, the Bank Deposit Report displays differently.  The information does not display if there is no data.

Additional Field Information

Deposit Account –The account you want to return results for. Use the drop-down list to select which account to return results for.

Deposit Date BetweenThe date range you want to return results for. Enter dates using the mm/dd/yyyy format or to select the date from a calendar, click .

Batch TotalThe total amount for the batch returned.

Batch IDDisplays the batch processed.

Receipt NumberThe number of the receipt associated with the Batch ID.

FilterClick to search based on the criteria you entered in the previous fields.

Reset FilterClick to clear the search criteria you entered in the previous fields.

Viewing deposit details

To view deposit details, click View Details for the desired batch. 

To print the deposit details window, click Print. To export the deposit details window, click Export.

Additional Field Information

Deposit DateThe date the transactions were deposited in the organization's bank account

Batch TypeDisplays the type of transaction. This can be CC or ACH.

TransactionsThe total number of transactions processed.

Contact InfoThe name of the individual who made the transaction.

If you export the window, all of the available contact information for an individual displays.

Transaction DateDisplays the initial entry date  and time for the transaction.

AccountDepending on the  Batch type, Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover, or Checking and the last 4 digits of the account display.

Fund NameThe name of the fund that was given to.

AmountDisplays the total amount given to the fund.

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