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When registering for an event, several options may display if your organization has them selected.

 Registering yourself or others

You can register yourself, family members or guests (if the options are available) for the event. You can register others for the event without registering yourself. 

Depending on how the event was set up, you may have the option to select different registration periods, or be required to pay a deposit amount.

 To register a family member
  1. Under Register Additional Individuals/Family, click Add.
  2. Enter the necessary information in the available fields, then click Add.
 To register an individual without using a name
  1. Under Register Individuals (No Name Required), enter the total number of individuals without names you want to register in the Quantity text box.
  2. Select the Registration type, then click Add.

You cannot make individual event options selections or purchase individual supplies for registrants without names. Once you register individuals without using names, the option becomes unavailable. You can still register individuals with names.


Options include smaller sessions that occur during a larger event.

For example, you register for a weekend retreat. During the retreat, your organization plans to offer several classes for participants. When you register, you can sign up for the options you want to attend. 


Supplies, such as study guides, may be available. If the event and sub-events you register for offer additional supplies, you can order them in event registration. If an image of the supply is available, click the picture to view the supply.

 Request for Information

Your organization may request additional information when you register. Required questions are indicated by a red asterisk (*). Depending on the events you register yourself or others for, the questions differ.

If you register for an event and later decide you want to attend an additional event or add supplies, you can edit your registration without canceling the previous registration and re-entering information.

 Payment Amounts

Payment amounts and methods depend on the organization's selections. When paying for an event, you can pay the total amount or make a minimum payment (deposit). You can pay for events using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Or, you may be able to pay in person or by mail.

  • To pay directly or mail in a payment, select Pay in Person/by Mail.
  • To pay using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check, select Pay Online. Then, enter your payment information.

After you select your payment method, the Payment Confirmation page displays.

 Event Confirmation

On the confirmation page, you can share the event on Facebook to let others know you registered. 

To post about the event on your Facebook wall, click Recommend. You can enter a personalized message about the event, then click Post to Facebook. To send a message about the event to select groups, individuals, or e-mail addresses, click Send.

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