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After you create and confirm your event, you can add sub-events. 

For example, you set up a youth camping retreat event. During the retreat, you plan to offer multiple sessions for participants to attend. You can set each session up as a sub-event. When members register for the youth retreat, they can also sign up for different sessions.

You can also set up prices for sub-event registration periods, or offer free sub-events. If you have an authorized merchant account, members can pay registration fees online.

To add a sub-event

  1. Create and confirm your event.
  2. Navigate to Events > Event Setup.
  3. Under Event Setup Expert, click on the name of your event.
  4. Under Sub-Events, click Add Sub-Event.
  5. In the Event Name field, enter your sub-event's name.
  6. Select the Start Date and End Date.
  7. Enter the sub-event's Description and click Next.
  8. Add any applicable registration periods for the sub-event, then click Next.
  9. Enter the sub-event's capacity and openings.
  10. To create custom questions, select Collect additional custom information from the registrant.
  11. To set up additional supplies for the sub-event, select Allow registrants to order additional supplies for this event.
  12. Upload any sub-event waivers, permission slips or other forms. Click Next.
  13. To confirm the sub-event and allow individuals to register for it, click Finish.


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