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To view small group attendance markings, you must be the group leader, a staff user with rights to view and post attendance, or an administrator.

 To view small group attendance
  1. Point to Groups, then click Small Groups.
  2. Select the master level Group for the small group.
  3. Click the Group Name of the small group you want to view.
  4. In the second I want to drop-down list, select View Attendance, then click Go.
  5. Select a Month and Year, then click Go
  6. The Small Group Members grid displays the name of the small group members, the week's of the selected month the member attended, whether they were present or absent, and the total number of members present. To sort the list by name, click the Names column. To sort the list by date, click the Dates column.
  7. The days the small group meet displays in the first row of the grid. The days small group attendance is recorded and uploaded display in the grid. One of three possible symbols displays beneath the dates:


    What it means


    Indicates the individual was present at the small group meeting.


    Indicates the individual was absent from the small group meeting.


    Indicates the individual was not yet entered in the small group during the attendance period.

    The totals of all the present small group participants displays at the bottom of the grid in the Total Present row.

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