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After you register for an event, you can cancel your registration on the My Overview page. When you cancel your registration, your sub-event registrations for that event are also canceled.

If you paid for the event, your administrator must process your refund.   

To cancel your registration for an event

  1. Point to Home, then click My Overview.
  2. In the My Registrations section, click Cancel , then click OK to confirm.
  3. The status changes to one of the following:
    • Balance Due - Displays if any money is owed.
    • Paid in Full - Displays if there is no owed for the event registration.
    • Refund Due - Displays if a refund is due.
    • Ineligible for Refund - Displays if the refund date is past the refund deadline date.
    • Partially Refunded - Displays if only a part of the refund has been made.
    • Refunded - Displays when the refund process is complete.

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