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To sign up for Access ACS, you must be working on a computer on which ACS People is installed.

 To sign up for Access ACS
  1. On the Access ACS home page, under Ready to Sign Up, click Click Here.
  2. Under Terms of Service, click I understand there is a charge for this service. I am authorized to agree to this charge and click I Agree.
  3. Complete the Access ACS Registration form. Required fields are in bold type. Please note, if you are already a registered user, click Click Here at the bottom of the page to log in.
  4. Click Finish. To return to the Sign In page, click the word Here. Check your e-mail for sign in information.


If you receive a security warning asking if you want to install Signup.ocx, click Install. You must install this file to continue with the sign up process. It does no harm to your computer or to any software on your computer.