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The Users page displays all users currently set up in Access ACS. 


On the Users page, administrators can:

You do not need to add each user to Access ACS. On the Access ACS sign in page, members can register themselves as users.


Unless they hold a leadership position, Access ACS automatically assigns the Member Login profile to users when they register. Users with leadership positions are assigned lay leader profiles. Staff users are not automatically assigned staff profiles.

A user with appropriate rights must assign staff profiles on the Add/Edit Users page.

To view the Users list

  1. Point to Admin, then click Security.
  2. Click the Users tab, then click the Users sub-tab.

You can select how many users display by selecting a number from the Records Per Page drop-down list. The available options are: 100, 500, and All.

When an Access ACS user name is not linked to a member record, displays beside it.

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