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titleTo enter transcript information for a transferring student
  1. On the Home screen, click Permanent Records.
  2. Double-click a student name.
  3. Click the Transcript tab.
  4. In the Transcript Detail grid, click Add. The Permanent Record Term dialog box displays.
  5. Beside Term Subjects, click Add. The Permanent Record Subject window displays.
  6. Enter the class name and course number.
  7. Select a subject from the Subject drop-down list; or, if the student transferred in and took a subject not offered at your school, enter the name of the subject. Subjects entered in this field will be saved to the student record.
  8. Enter the name of the teacher who taught the subject.
  9. Enter the number of credits earned by the student for the subject.
  10. Enter the number of credits taken.
  11. Select one or more of the following options as they apply:
    • If this subject was transferred from another school, select the Transferred check box.
    • To calculate the subject as part of the grade point average, select Include in GPA.
    • To include this subject in the transcript calculations, select Calculate on Transcript.
    • To print this subject on the transcript, select Print on Transcript.
  12. Click the Department list and select a department name, or enter the name of a department.
  13. In GPA, enter the grade points earned for the subject.
  14. In Average, enter the current grade average for this subject, then enter the equivalent Letter Grade.
  15. Optional: Enter Semester/Quarter Grades. For more information, see Add Semester/Quarter Grades, GPAs, and Credits.
  16. Click OK.
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