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{excerpt}Mass Change provides a powerful tool for cleaning up, correcting, or changing data in your records. This feature is available for people ACS People Suite and Organizations clients.

Two change modes are available in Mass Change. Your Change Mode selection determines which fields change and the window's appearance.

* *Change Field Value* --- To [replace the data in a selected field with new information|Changing Field Values with Mass Change], select this option. You can change records based on search results, filter results, or an entered value.

* *Move Field* --- To [move the data in a field to another location|Moving Field Values with Mass Change], select this option.

When you need it, Mass Change can be a terrific time-saver. However, if you don't use the feature properly, you can make a big mess. You can also limit user security settings so that only administrators have access to this feature.

{tip:title=Make a Backup}
We recommend [performing a manual backup|Performing a Manual Data Backup] before using the Mass Change feature. A current backup is the only way to be sure you can "undo" the changes in case of a mistake.{tip}{excerpt}
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[Changing Field Values with Mass Change]
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