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You can manually backup your ACS data with ACS Backup/Restore. A manual backup copies your data which can be restored if a computer or program malfunction occurs.

We recommend that you back up your dataset frequently on external media and store backup files off-site in case of hardware failure or a natural disaster.

During the backup process using ACS Backup or ACS Scheduled Backup:

  • Don't shut down or turn off the computer.
  • Remain logged in to your computer.
  • If applicable, disable the Hibernate, Sleep, or Stand by options on your computer to maintain your backup schedule.

Back up Your Data

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_Back Up Your Data


Fd panel
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Displays a record of all activity in the ACS Backup/Restore program.

Data Options

Full Data Backup
Select to back up or restore data in the following suites or modules: People suite, and Financial suite.

People Data Backup
Select to back up or restore data in the following modules: People, Contributions, Attendance, Organizations, Connections, Special Mailings, Reservations, and Checkpoint.

Financial Data Backup
Select to back up or restore data in the following modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Fixed Assets, and Purchase Orders.

Full ACS System Backup
Select to back up or restore data in the following suites and modules: People suite, and Financial suite. The system files in the ACSNET folder are also included in the backup.

Additional Options

Change Backup Filename
Select this option to change the name of the backup file. If you do not select this option, ACS assigns a filename using the backup type, current date, and current time (<type>-mmddyyyy-hh.mm.ss).Verify Tables After Backup (Highly Recommended)
Select to verify the integrity of the tables after the backup is made. ACS Technologies recommends that you select this option to make sure that your backup is successful. If the backup fails verification, you should make another backup using a different set of disks.

Exclude Picture Files
Select to exclude picture files from your backup. Selecting this option reduces the file size of your backup. ACS Technologies recommends that you only periodically back up your picture files due to file size. However, if you need to send your backup in to Data Serves for an upgrade, be sure to select this option, as otherwise your pictures will not display after an upgrade.

Exclude Document Library Files
Select to exclude any files named DOCLIB*.*

Exclude Financial Document Folders
Select to exclude document folders exclusive to ACS Financials.


Backup Destination Directory
Displays the location of your ACS backup files. Click Lookup to select a location on your network or workstation.

You cannot back up to the WINACS or ACSNET folders, and ACS OnDemand users must back up files to the S:\ACS_Backups folder.