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The ACS Backup/Restore program is designed to will create an exact replica of your ACS data, which you can restore in the event of a disaster. You can also specifically select the data from the ACS suite or program that you want to back up. Before performing major data-related processes, such as year-end closing or Attendance Promotion, you must create a backup using the ACS Backup/Restore program.



Issues to Consider

  • Creates backup files of your ACS data and system files.
  • Maintains an automated schedule for backing up your ACS data.
  • Creates backup files to store on your local computer or workstation.
  • Verifies backups of your ACS data.
  • You can view and print a log containing the User, Date, Time, and Backup Location for each instance your data is backed up or restored.
  • Saves backups of your ACS data under a specified file name.
  • Sets a specific number of backup files to maintain.
  • Restores backups of your ACS data.
  • You can individually select datasets to include in a backup file.
  • Smaller backup file size.
  • Backing up data is performed manually.
  • All other ACS users must log out before backing up data.
  • The computer or workstation designated to run the Automatic Backup program must be powered on and cannot be in Hibernate or Stand by mode when backing up data.
  • Backup files should be manually transferred to backup media.
  • Backup media such as CDs or DVDs must be preformatted.
  • Backup files stored locally can require higher storage capacity, depending on the Maximum Number of Stored Backups value.
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