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With adequate rights to Event Reports, you can view, print, or export this report. If you plan to import this report into ACS General Ledger, do not edit the fields. Image Removed

Enter guests and comments when marking attendance


If you remove an online giving fund with recurring gifts, a message now displays. You can contact contributors with recurring gifts to update their gifts or leave the fund available. Image Removed

If you clear Allow Scheduled Giving and click Save, a message lets you know all recurring gifts are deleted and cannot be restored. Image Removed

Comments display on the Connections grid

When viewing connections, comments now display in the grid. Previously, you had to click on each connection to check for comments.  Image Removed

Updated message when deleting small groups


The message is limited to 255 characters, and the number of characters entered updates as you type your message. Image Removed

Fewer clicks when adding attributes

When setting up attributes, the cursor automatically moves to the Name field after clicking Add, saving time. Image Removed

Updated wording when giving online