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     Using the Minister Web App
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titleNote to PDS Administrators

Before your ministers can use the web app, you must set online access, set up logins, and upload schedule data.

As a minister, you can use our secure web application to view your scheduled assignments.

Viewing Your Assignments

After your admin gives you login credentials, you can view your scheduled assignments on the web app.


titleTo view your scheduled assignments
  1. On your computer or mobile device, open your web browser.


    For best results, use Chrome or Safari. Currently, the app is not compatible with Windows® Phone.

  2. Go to
  3. Enter the credentials your administrator provided, and click or tap Log In.
  4. Your assignments for the specified date range display. If you have family members who are also ministers, those assignments also display in the list. To view only your assignments, click or tap Minister Filter then your name.

  5. Click or tap an assignment to view more detailed information.
  6. Click or tap Back to return to your list of assignments.

Taking Open Assignments

When your parish is unable to schedule a minster for an assignment, it displays on the Help Needed tab. If you're able to serve, you can take the assignment.


titleTo serve an open assignment
  1. Click or tap the Help Needed tab.
  2. Click or tap the one you want to take.
  3. Click or tap Take This Assignment, and confirm.

The assignment is added to your list, and the parish is notified so they can update the schedule.

Declining an Assignment

If you're scheduled for an assignment but you cannot serve, you can decline it.


titleTo decline a scheduled assignment
  1. Click or tap the My Assignments tab.
  2. Click or tap the one you want to decline.
  3. Click or tap Cannot Serve This Assignment, and confirm.

The assignment is removed from your list and displays on the Help Needed tab. The parish is notified so they can update the schedule.

Emailing Your Group in the App

If you're the leader of a ministry group and the admin has given you access, you can email the ministers in your group from the app.

titleTo email your ministry group
  1. At, sign in as a ministry group leader, then click or tap Log In.

  2. Click or tap the Email tab.


    If you don't see the email tab, you do not have access as a leader. Ask your PDS administrator to add you as a ministry group leader when they upload data to the app.

  3. Enter a subject and message. You can select who receives this on the next screen.
  4. Click or tap Next.
  5. Select which of the ministers in your ministry group to send the email to, or click or tap Mark All.
  6. When you're ready, click or tap Send Email.
  7. Click or tap Yes to confirm that you're ready to send the email.
  8. Once the email is sent, click or tap OK.




To quickly open the web app on your mobile device, add a bookmark on your home screen. View your device documentation to learn how to do this.

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