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You can manage background check and requirement information for students, parents/guardians, and personnel in the Safe Environment section. But first, make sure you've added keywords in the Background Check Descriptions and Requirement Descriptions lists.

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PDSINCL:_Manage Background Checks


If you order background checks through our partner, Verified First, you can quickly add the results in the Safe Environment window.


titleTo set up background checks through Verified First
  1. Sign up for automatic payments through ACS Technologies.
    • Go to our website, read the information, and click Enroll Now at the bottom.
    • Log in with your Client Portal credentials, and complete the Automatic Payments Enrollment.
  2. Create an account with Verified First.

    titleUseful Information

    Your church only needs one Verified First account. Each staff member who requests or reviews background checks can use this account.

    You can control which staff members have access under Users & Passwords.

    • Go to Personnel > Safe Environment, and click Request Background Check.

    • Read the information, then click Sign Up.

    • Complete and submit the online agreement for service to Verified First. Verified First will contact you to review and process the agreement.

After Verified First processes your agreement, you can order background checks in the Safe Environment window.

titleTo order a background check through Verified First
  1. Locate the individual's record.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Safe Environment.
  3. Under the Background Check grid, click Request Background Check.

  4. Click Yes to open the Verified First website.
  5. Log in using your church's credentials, then follow the steps to order the background check.

Once a background check is complete, you'll receive an email from Verified First. Then, you're ready to check the results and add the information in the grid.

titleTo check results and add background check information from Verified First
  1. Locate individual's record.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Safe Environment.
  3. Under the Background Check grid, click Check Results.

  4. Click Yes to open the Background Check Result dialog box.
  5. Any results display in the list.
    • If a background check has been ordered but not approved through Verified First, it shows a status of "Pending".
    • If a background check has been approved through Verified First, it shows a status of "Complete".
  6. Select the approved background check item(s) to add to the Safe Environment grid, and click Add Approved.

The approved items display in the grid. The Note field indicates the Verified First status and file number for your reference.

Manually-Entered Background Checks and Requirements

If you use a background check service other than Verified First, you can manually enter results in the grid.



titleTo manually add background check information or requirements


Under Background Check or Other Requirements, click the add icon Image Removed, and enter the background check or requirements information. If you set up templates, click Use Template to quickly insert the necessary background check items or requirements.

titleUseful Information

These lists use entries from the Background Check and Requirement Descriptions keyword lists.


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