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You can import both member and guest transactions from Access ACS into ACS People Suite. 


To view the Online Giving Report

  1. Point to Reports, then click Online Giving Reports.
  2. Enter the date range in the From and To fields, or click


  1. Image Added to select the dates from a calendar.
  2. In the Show drop-down list, select to display All, Members Only, or Guests Only in the Online Giving report.
  3. In the Types drop-down list, select to display All Transactions, ACH Transactions, or CC Transactions in the Online Giving report.
  4. In the Source drop-down list, select from which source gifts are given from. Available options are All, Online, and Kiosk.
  5. Click Go.
  6. To print the report, click Print. The Print Preview page displays. On the Print Preview page, click Print. When the Print dialog box displays, click Print.
  7. To export the report, click Export. Select to either open the file using Microsoft Excel or save the file to your computer, then click OK.

To sort the report, click any of the column headers. For example, to sort by Fund type, click Fund

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