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Launching without logging in

You can now launch Broadcast's displays from a URL.

Since you no longer have to log in, volunteers and staff members can run displays when network administrators are not present. If you have a previous link stored, you must clear it to take advantage of this new feature. 

To set this up, click to copy the display's URL to your clipboard, then e-mail it to someone on your staff. To launch the display, paste the URL in the browser on the machine that isn't logged in.


titleDisplaying events from multiple calendars

When setting up a Display layout, you can display events from multiple calendars on your monitors.

To do this, click inside the Data Filter, then select each calendar to display events from.

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If you accidentally select a calendar, click to clear it.Image Added

titleUpdated refresh rate

When adding new displays, the default Refresh Rate is now one hour.

If your Internet connection is interrupted and reestablished, Broadcast pulls the data again if necessary, ensuring you receive timely data. Image Added


When selecting a theme to display events for the current day, the theme did not refresh the next day with that day's events. Administrators had to refresh the Broadcast session each day to display that day's events.