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(tick) The SmartSource check scanner is compatible with ACS People and PDS Church Office.


If you use the SmartSource® Check Scanner and want to print an endorsement line on the back of a check, you must follow these steps.


  1. Click Start and then click Computer.
  2. Go to C:\program files\cpi\scanner files.
  3. Double click on the scanner.exe.config. file.
  4. On line <add key="Endorse" value="N"/> Change N to Y.
  5. Replace METABANK <add key="LocalEndorseText" value="METABANK "/> with the endorsement line you need.


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titleFor Support Only

The endorsement line is not available for the Epson scanner.

Troubleshooting SmartSource Scanners

Before you start troubleshooting, you need to know the following:

  • What operating system does the computer use?
  • Is this a new scanner installation?
  • Is this a new installation on the computer?     
  • What is the exact problem?
  • What did the user do to get the issue?

Once you know the above information you can troubleshoot the scanner.

titleTo troubleshoot a Smartsource scanner
  1. Click Start Programs > All Apps Windows 10.                 
  2. Locate the Silver Bullet Technology folder.
    1. Open the Silver Bullet Technology folder, then click the Ranger folder and go to step 3.
    2. If the Silver Bullet folder isn't there, the software isn't installed. Have the client log into Windows as an Admin, right click on SpeedcheckInstall_SmartSource.exe and click Run as Administrator. After the software is installed, go to 2a.
  3. Select RangerFlex. A Ranger Flex application window displays.
    1. If the message "The transport is dead. Ranger could not establish a connection to the scanner. Please close this application and check scanner cable connections or scanner driver installation." displays, the scanner is either turned off or not plugged in.
      1. Plug in or turn on the scanner.
      2. If the scanner is plugged in and turned on, call your Team Lead.
    2. If the Silver Bullet window displays, go to step 5.
  4. Select Place Checks in the Scanner, then click Start Feed. The SmartSource scanner scans checks without creating a batch.
  5. If the user can scan checks, there is a problem with the software or computer.  Call your Team Lead.