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These changes display for ACS Pay Plus clients registrants' only. To learn more, see ACS Pay Plus     


titleOther Event Registration Features

Signing up for additional sub-events. Members or attendees who register for events through Access ACS can sign up for additional subevents without having to cancel the previous registration and sign up again.

This is helpful if you use event registration for a conference with a series of talks, as registrants may want to sign up for additional talks (or sub-events) after attending others. It's also great for those who register for events to receive early-bird pricing, because they may not know which sub-events they want to attend when they register.   

Changing answers to event registration questions. Members and attendees can change their answers to questions related to sub-events. 

Signing up for additional supplies. Registrants can purchase additional supplies without having to cancel the previous registration.

With this feature, registrants can add new supplies or purchase additional quantities. For example, suppose you offer t-shirts as a supply for VBS registration. Parents may complete their child's registration without purchasing shirts, then decide to add one or more later.   

Purchased inactive supplies are view only. Supplies that are inactive and were not purchased do not display.

To prevent guests from purchasing supplies that are no longer available, items sold out in Event Registration display as view only. 

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be unlisted when confirming registrations. When registrants confirm their attendance for events, they can now make their phone numbers or e-mail addresses unlisted without having to update this information in the profile.

When a registrant makes a phone number or e-mail address unlisted, the changes are effective when the administrator approves the change request to update the information.  


Inactive supply capacities can be blank. As an administrative user, when you mark a supply inactive, you do not need to change the quantity.

For example, suppose your organization sold hats for an event, then later found the hats were defective and decided not to sell them anymore. You didn't enter a maximum quantity when adding the supply. You cannot delete the supply, but you can enter the number of hats sold in the Supply Capacity field, or leave it blank, then mark the supply inactive. You cannot enter a number less than the number sold.

Purchased supplies cannot be modified. Once a registrant has purchased a supply, administrative users cannot change the supply's cost per unit or tax rate. This way, when registrants edit their registrations, they are not charged a higher price for supplies already purchased at a lower rate.

As an administrative user, if you must change the supply's cost per unit or tax rate, you must make the supply inactive and create a new one.